How to Draw a Goose

This lesson will teach you how to draw a Goose, a bird that everyone knows.

Drawing a goose is similar to drawing a duck, or a chicken because these birds share a lot of similarities.

You will need a basic set of pencils, paper, and an eraser to begin this tutorial about drawing a goose. You can also use any type of graphic tablet.


How to draw a goose

Step 1: Sketch the Head, Torso, and Neck

First, measure the height of the goose’s head and torso. For the goose’s head, draw a small circle. Next, draw a large oval to cover the bird’s body.




Step 2: Draw the neck of the Goose

To indicate the position and head of the neck, combine the head with the torso of the goose. Draw two parallel lines. The neck tilts and bends slightly the head.




Step 3: Draw the Beak of the Goose

Let’s now move on to the beak. Place a triangle on the right side, and align it with the circle around the head. Draw a line between the head and beak.




Step 4: Draw the Eyes and Nostrils

With a small circle, draw the eye in the upper portion of the head. Draw a straight line from the bird’s beak to the eye. This will be the length of your mouth. Next, mark the length of your mouth by drawing a small line above it – this is the nostril of the goose.




Step 5 – Detail your body

Draw a line underneath the torso that is the shape of a semicircle. This will give the drawing more volume. Draw the tail of your goose using short lines.




Step 6 – Draw the Wing

Begin by drawing the outline of the wing with a long, smooth line. Add feather lines to make the wings appear more real.




Step 7 – Draw Legs for the Goose

Use parallel vertical lines to draw legs. Draw a small line on the left leg. Then, add a thickening just below. As closely as possible, try to replicate the legs’ shape.




Step 8 – Draw the Feet for the Goose

Let’s draw the legs. To form the outline of the feet, draw lines parallel to the goose’s body. Draw long toes and stable feet.




Step 9 – Add some feathers

Draw the feathers on your lower torso and the front wings. Our goose feathers have triangular shapes. Place the feathers in rows so they are aligned.




Step 10 – Delete the Guidelines

Take out the extra lines in the goose drawing. Remove the bases of the original ovals. The silhouette of the bird should be clearer and more harmonious. You can also trace your goose drawing using darker lines. Let’s now prepare the goose shapes to be filled with color.




Step 11 – Color the Goose Drawing

Now it’s time for us to paint our bird. As the main color, use white with cream colors. Dark yellow or light brown should be used for the beak, paws, and tail. Soft shadows should be added to the neck and torso.




The tutorial on drawing a goose is done. We now know the stages of an image of a goose. We are confident that you will have the necessary knowledge to be able to replenish your collection of drawings with this new information. Let us know how you dealt with the lesson and we’ll prepare a new assignment!

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