On our site, there are numerous drawing lessons that cover various iPhones. However, today we have chosen to create a lesson on the biggest rival to Apple in the market for smartphones. Therefore, as you’ve already realized the lesson will discuss drawing Google Pixel 2 XL.

Step 1
The first step is to draw a tall rectangle. In general, smartphones are now shaped like rectangles.

Step 2
Then, round the angles. Take note that the angles closer to us appear to be more rounded than angles that are farther.

Step 3
The most basic step is a simple instruction on drawing an image on a Google Pixel 2 XL. We will have to erase any lines from corners.

Step 4
Within the body’s contours, draw the contours that the screens will appear. Make sure those angles must also smooth.

Step 5
Above the screen, we draw a speaker and below it, we draw a microphone. On the other side on the back of our Google Pixel draw buttons.

Step 6
Now let’s bring an extra volume for our phone. With the help of two sleek and light lines, we can create glare on the phone’s screen. Create shadows by using light lines and hatching.

It is important to note that today all smartphones are identical to each other. It’s a rectangle with two buttons that are located on the sides. Therefore, if you master how to draw one smartphone, it will be easy to draw the other smartphones with your expertise, since there are only minor differences. The lesson has been completed, and now it is only necessary to be sure to share it with your circle of friends and join our social media channels.

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