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How to Draw a Goldfish

Today, I’ll show you how to draw a golden fish. This unusual, bright and beautiful animal is often a central character in ancient stories and legends. A goldfish is a popular pet. This is also one of the most beloved fish species for aquarium owners.

This lesson has been designed to be easy for beginners. Follow the steps to create a wonderful goldfish.

Now Draw a Goldfish

Step 1: Draw the fish’s body

In the middle of your piece, draw a large oval. This shape can be given a slight slope, as shown in my example. Light strokes can be erased and corrected later.




Step 2: Draw the outline of the head

The front of the fish is shown. The smooth anterior taper is noticeable. Also, note the slight angle that indicates where the mouth is located. This corner’s bottom is rounded.




Step 3: Add the outline of the eye

Make a large eye shape that looks like two different-sized circles. A smooth line should be drawn that separates the head and body of the fish.




Step 4: Draw the tail of your fish

Now draw a long tail with pointed ends that are symmetrical. The tail should be longer than the head. The tail should have uneven, bumpy relief.




Step 5 – Draw the large fins

Draw large fins. The top fin is more rounded and looks like a hill. The lower fin looks more like a regular triangular.




Step 6 – Draw the small fins

You can add a few small fins. The front fins are very narrow and long. The rear fin is more rounded and larger.




Step 7 – Detail your fins

Fins are flexible and mobile organs. To show the structure of these adaptations, draw lines inside each fin.




Step 8 – Add scale outlines

We are almost done with this drawing guide. This is the best time to draw scales for our fish. Notice the shift in scale density towards your tail.




Step 9 – Color your goldfish

You should remove all lines from this beautiful fish. Examine the overall shape of the body, including the head, tail, fins, and entire body. If you don’t find any errors, move on to the next step.




Step 10 – Color your fish

Color your fish. You can use any color you like. I chose to match the fish’s real appearance by using dark orange color.




Congratulations! You drew the goldfish! Hope you got great results. If this is the case, you can trace the steps where mistakes were made and fix them. Don’t forget to leave comments about how helpful this tutorial was.

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