Dear readers and adventurers, This lesson is about drawing a goblin using Dungeons and Dragons. Goblins are supernatural, human-like creatures that live underground in caves and dungeons according to West-European mythology.

Step 1
The base is always the first step. We will draw the skeleton of the goblin as his base. Draw the head in the shape of a circle. The rest of the body can be drawn using simple lines.

Step 2
Here we add volume. Begin with the lines of your face. Next, draw the body parts using simple geometric shapes. Draw a shield in your left hand and a morning star in your right hand.

Step 3
Now we will draw the facial features by using the lines drawn in the previous step. Draw the ears and hood of a very similar headdress to Green Goblin.

Step 4
All guidelines should be removed from the face. Mark the lines between the head and face. His face should show anger.

Step 5
Sketch the armor on the shoulders and torso. Draw all details and straps on the torso.

Step 6
Draw the arms of the goblin. Draw straight lines. You should pay particular attention to your fingers. For more information, please refer to the tutorial on drawing hands.

Step 7
You can add details such as hair on your hands, fabric on your upper arm with a few folds, spikes, leather wrapped around the weapon, and the texture of the shield.

Step 8
Draw the legs by moving down. All guides must be erased. Add armor to the legs. You can draw any clothing.

Step 9
You just need to add shadows. This can be done by adding light shading.

This drawing tutorial teaches you how to draw a goblin in Dungeons and Dragons. Share it with your friend on social media or on your own website. Don’t forget about other lessons on fantasy and Dungeons and Dragons like wizards and mummy. dwarf and Minotaur.

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