How To Draw A Gnome Cute and easy

It is possible to refer to the easy step-by-step drawing instructions below.

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We’ll create an iconic representation of a gnome with this guide of drawing an elk. In this initial stage, we’ll draw the shape of his head, as well as the traditional pointed gnome cap that he’s wearing.

Begin by drawing a small circular shape for the nose of your child. We’ll then draw two large circles over the nose. They’ll make the big glasses he’s wearing.

You can then apply some curves to enhance the facial contours. Then, finish the process by sketching his cap that sits on the top.

It will be so high that the tip may sag just a bit towards the left. We can then proceed to the next step of the instructional!

Step 2 – Now , draw the facial features and beard.

With the sketch of this drawing completed, we can begin adding details to the face in this next step.

Then, draw tiny circles in the glasses for the eyes of the child and then draw more circles within them to form pupils.

It is also possible to add particulars such as eyebrows or the lines around his eyes.

And then finish his face by drawing his mouth. In order to complete this second step, draw a beard under his face.

This drawing will be done using some bumpy lines in order to give it a nice look and lush.

Step 3. Draw his chest and arms

In the third and final step of the instructional guide on drawing an elk, we’ll draw his chest and arms.

You can add more curves to his sleeves that are long, and then, you can put a couple of sleeves towards the end of each sleeves.

To keep with the theme of gardening We’ll draw a garden shovel with his hands to the left.

After you’ve finished the arms, you can then work on the contours of his waist and chest before moving on to step four of the tutorial.

Step 4 – Then step is to draw his legs

The outline is finalized of the gnome’s drawing at this point This will make you prepared to finalize the details to be included in the following section.

To accomplish this, we’ll draw his legs that are short. The legs will then be drawn using additional curves. They will be so small that they’re nearly nonexistent.

Then, you can finish the drawing by drawing the shoes’ round shape to in the lower part of his feet. To emphasize the theme of gardening it is suggested to draw a tiny flower on his shoe to the left.

We’ll then be able to finish the details we discussed earlier as we continue to step 5.

5. Add your final details to the gnome’s drawing

You’ve completed the outline of this image in the previous stage of the tutorial for gnomes, and now you finish the details.

In the image we used as a reference we created this tiny intestinal tract by adding a few small lines in the image. These lines give a little depth to the picture.

After you’ve completed these steps Once you’ve added these details, you can extend the drawing more!

Another way to accomplish this is to create backgrounds or alter the characteristics to create an original Gnome!

If you’re feeling ambitious, you could create a unique gnome to complement this one.

What do you expect to complete this drawing of a gnome?

Step 6: Finish your gnome’s drawing using color

This is the last step of drawing your gnome, and here we’ll complete the drawing with shades!

There are numerous colors that you can pick to complete the look. in our image of reference, we’ve shown just one of the colors that you could use.

We used green, yellow, and brown to dress him and then added some red to make his pointy cap.

They are certainly colors that you could use if you love the color scheme, however, you are free to select any other color you like!

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