Dear DFA readers, We will be showing you how we draw a Gnoll, a fictional large Hyena-like creature that roams freely in groups. The most powerful clan member commands fear, threats, and violence from the top of the group.

Step 1
Gnolls can be described as humanoids. Their skeleton is very similar to that of humans. Start with the head and draw it in the form of a circle. Draw the spine, arms, and legs using a line. Next, draw the chest and pelvis.

Step 2
Draw the lines for the face. Simple geometric shapes such as circles, knees, and shoulders for volume and cylinders for arms or legs for arm and leg add volume. This is where we see the differences between man and gnoll. The legs look almost like those of a dog.

Step 3
Draw the face. Draw the expressions of anger, a wrinkled nose, and a wide mouth with many sharp teeth. One eye of the gnoll has been damaged in our example, making him even eviler. It now looks like a wolf.

Step 4
Continue to draw the gnoll. Use uneven lines to draw the outline of the face. Next, draw the ears using rings and damages. Draw a crest from the top of your head to the neck.

Step 5
Begin to work with the torso. Start by drawing the armor at the chest and shoulder. Draw the belt, waist, and little bag that hangs down from the belt. Make armor look worn and worn.

Step 6
Move on to the arms. Begin to draw out the muscles and belts that wrap the lower arms of the gnoll. The left-hand holds a scythe and long nails.

Step 7
Continue to the lower portion of the gnoll. The ragged clothing and the long plates of armor should be drawn on the lower part of the gnoll. Draw cloth tied around the knees, shins, and ankles of the Gnoll. Draw large feet and long nails for gnolls (they apparently don’t like scissors).

Step 8
We have now reached the final step. We now add shadows.

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