How to Draw a Glove

The team at illustrates how to draw not just animals and people but also clothing. We’re here to demonstrate the art of drawing a glove in a snap.

This particular instruction, as you’ve already understood is part of the category of Clothing which is where we offer various types of clothing items including jackets, shirts or jeans.


Step 1

Utilizing the pencil and a pencil, draw the trapezoidal form, as illustrated in the sketch beneath these words. Try using thin lines that are almost transparent to make it easier of fixing.




Step 2

Then, draw the fingers of the glove. The middle finger is the longest, followed by the index and ring fingers are approximately the same length, and the little finger is the smaller. The fingers on gloves must be slightly larger than the fingers on the hand.




Step 3

Make a thumb, as depicted in the drawing below these words. The finger is supposed to be a bit thicker than the other. We have drawn this finger in conjunction with the lower portion of your palm.




Step 4

Gloves can be found in various forms, but we are focusing on the warm glove, therefore we must design the portion in the glove which protects the wrists. Draw this part of the glove as a shape of a cylinder.




Step 5

You can now arm yourself with an eraser and then wipe away any unnecessary guidelines from your drawing with your glove. You can then darken the draft to look clearer and more detailed. You could also make a texture using lines that intersect with light or any other logo.




Step 6

The glove can be painted in any color you wish. Somehow, we picked the purple glove perhaps because our team has never used gloves in the color. We always wear black gloves. Or, whichever way you choose, arm yourself in your most beloved colors and make your masterpiece an extra boost of life by using stunning and vivid hues.




Then we slowly came to the conclusion of the instructions for drawing a glove quickly. Remember that it is vital to follow us on social media in order not to miss a single tutorial from

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