In earlier times (and certain people during our day) they believed there was flat earth. Earth is flat and usually relies on elephants, whales, and turtles. However, times have moved from being that way, and we are all aware we know that Earth is round and for studying this planet, we make use of this thing called the globe. Let’s begin the process of learning the art of drawing the globe.

Step 1
This step will be complicated and easy We will have to draw circles. The challenge comes from the fact that the circle has to be absolutely flat, which is not a problem.

Step 2
Draw the globe holder and the base on the lower part. These details should be drawn smoothly.

Step 3
Then, using an even curved line trace the Equator. It is also a vital aspect in the outline of continents. It is vitally important not to make any mistakes in their contours, as well as their arrangement.

Step 4
The next step is to sketch out the holder as well as the bottom of our globe. Remember that you have to erase the entire guideline.

Step 5
It’s now a difficult stage – we’ll have sketch shadows. Try to draw shadows as the artists we used to draw. Also, the shadows on your globe should be applied as on the normal ball.

Take note that the course on drawing earth is useful for those who want to know what it takes to draw the globe Earth (with the exception of drawing Earth it is certain that we won’t draw holders).

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