Hello, dear visitors and artists and we would like to welcome you to our drawing tutorial that teaches drawing gladius! Gladius is an ancient Roman shorter blade (up to 60 cm). Most likely, this was borrowed (and developed) from The Romans from the ancient people who lived in the Iberian Peninsula.

Step 1
Gladius is a perfectly straight sword. To keep it straight, draw a unidirectional line that runs through the middle of the blade.

Step 2
Then at the end of the line, we draw a circle form.

Step 3
Gladius is a unique grip design that lets you grip the sword more securely.

Step 4
Keep drawing gladius. Draw the guard in the shape of a semicircle like in our illustration.

Step 5
Draw the not-that-lengthy (because it is actually a sword that is short) and wide and gradually narrowing blade.

Step 6
Eliminate the line in the beginning and leave the rest of the line in the gladius’s blade.

Step 7
Create shadows using slightly inclined hatching and glare by using shorter strokes that are inclined along the blade.

Drawing lesson, in which we discussed drawing the gladius completed. In one of our lessons, we covered the drawing process of the”xiphos” which is the ancient Greek sword. Additionally, on our website, there is plenty of information on weapons, such as how to draw an axe, a spear, or a claymore.

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