how to draw a girl

Are you looking to learn how to draw a girl? This easy instruction will show you how to draw girls quickly and easily.

We have gathered all the necessary and important tips to help you draw a girl. Even the most inexperienced artist can use these tips.


Step 1

Create a simple oval-shaped head, chest, and pelvis. Simple lines should be used for the spine, arms, and legs. Lines should be as light and fluid as possible.




Step 2

Make two lines that are loosely drawn on the face. This will allow you to draw the face. As artists did, draw a waistline and a neck.




Step 3

You can create elbow, shoulder, and knee joints by using simple balls. Modified cylinders should be used to create the arms and legs. Make sure to make hands and feet.




Step 4

Continue drawing a girl. We will now need to draw hair. You can either recreate their look as shown in the artist example, or you can depict a different hairstyle.




Step 5

The markup from the second stage can be used here. First, use it to depict the face as the artists did.




Step 6

Let’s now get to the details. The details of a tee-shirt, jeans, and sneakers are shown. As artists did, the fingers are depicted using short lines.




Step 7

Let’s now get to the details. Make the drawing of the girl more detailed and beautiful. Use an eraser for wiping off the lines around the head. Then, trace the outline using a pencil or ink.




Step 8

Do the same. Now, erase all auxiliary lines from your torso and draw the t-shirt detail. As artists did, don’t forget to show the folds.




Step 9

We will continue to work on details in the girl’s drawing. The same eraser can be used to remove the guidelines from your arms. Make sure the arms are straight and dark so they look beautiful.




Step 10

The tenth stage will be the final step in drawing the girl. This stage is where we remove all unnecessary lines and make sure that the lines are clear and dark.




Step 11

Use your favorite colors to paint the little girl. You don’t have to do the same thing as the artists. Here you can let your imagination run wild.




Could you use the following instruction to learn how to draw a female model? We are interested in your thoughts and opinions. We read all comments and will respond to as many as possible.

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