How to draw a girl with Flower with Pencil

The basic step-by step drawing instructions that follow below.

How to Draw a Dog House Step by Step

Step 1

Utilizing the lines you created, outline the structure or shape that the face of the woman, and flowers. Then draw the eyebrows as well as long-distributed hair.

Step 2

We’ll finish drawing the face, starting by drawing the eyes. Next, we will draw the mouth and nose. Lips should be full and elegant.

Step 3

Then, draw the rest of the head’s design which is her gorgeous long straight hair. Hair is part of it and also has a body part to it.

Step 4

Layer on feathers for her hair. Then finish with some yarn details.

Step 5

The girl has completed the task. Then you can sketch the flower you want to draw and the biggest flower. Then, add the ruffled edge and the stamen in the middle.

Step 6

Then you can sketch the second flower. It will look smaller and smaller than the previous one you drawn.

Step 7

Then, draw the final flower and you’re finished. Eliminate any mistakes or rules and that’s all there is to it.

Step 8

This is called line art. You can now complete the drawing.

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