How to draw a Girl with Cap Selfie

It is possible to refer to the easy step-by-step drawing instructions below.

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In this section, we’ll begin drawing our girl quickly. The first step is to draw a semicircle near the upper right of our page to make the shape that will be the shape of the cap. Draw a tick to create a solid. Then, we draw a straight line and create the shape of the phone. We will as well draw an apple’s design. In the end it is time to draw fingers.

Step 2:

In this phase, we’re drawing her hair and hands. Then, we draw her hand. Sketch the line at the bottom on the page, then curve towards the top. In the end, draw hair. Draw simple curves, and then shading.

Step 3:

In this stage, we are creating the rest of the hairs with another hand. We begin by drawing all the hairs remaining on her right hand. Draw straight lines with simple lines and light shading of the hair. Then, draw a curly line to form the shape of an hand. Find out more about how to draw a sad woman.

Step 4:

In this step , we’ll draw the right hand. Draw a curving line to form the shape of your wrist. We then draw small lines along the cap. We create nail shadows. We then create lines for her shirt to provide some shade to her shirt.

Step 5:

In the final step the goal is to complete our drawing. The first step is to draw her legs in simple curves that create the leg shape. We then sketch the shoe and provide some form to it. We then draw the shoe in pencil and draw shadows of her that are pent-up.

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