How to Draw a Girl with Braided Hair

It is possible to refer to the simple step-by step drawing guide below.

How To Draw Lightning Step by Step

Step 1

Before we move on to the useful tips Let’s draw frame frames for our faces and the torso. Begin by drawing a circle around those with heads that are high. Next, sketch out the cheekbones and jawline for the lower portion of their face. After that, draw the principles between the headliners. Then draw the neck’s form, contour, and the body contour.

Step 2

This is an extremely useful idea about the various eye perspectives that the eyes possess in different head frames. All you need to do is turn your head towards the right and take a look at the information I’ve provided. The information I provide will not only aid you in drawing your eyes more clearly and sharpen your focus, but provide a clear explanation of various angles of view.

Step 3

Return to the instructional. Begin by drawing out the shape or the lining of the upper part of your eye. Then, draw a single line to define the upper part and mouth. You could also apply lashes at the top the lash.

Step 4

Let’s now look at different perspectives of the mouth. your face can be drawn from three distinct angles, including in front, side and three quarters. I will explain how to decide the design of your mouth in order to draw and also how to ensure you place your mouth in the correct position in drawing your facial features at various angles.

Step 5

Completely outline the eyes, and then begin to outline the nose as well as the rest parts of the mouth. You can clearly see that, the model’s face appears to be in a three-quarters position and the part of the bridge is drawn in a slant to highlight eyes on the left. The mouth of the model is more full-bodied and sexually attractive. The model features a forward-facing face with just the sides and head of the nose being outlined to the side. The jaw appears more serious and solid.

Step 6

Another helpful point provides a list of things you should know when sketching or drawing the nose from various angles. Front view, side view, and three-fourth perspectives. What do shadows look like? And what are the various forms of humans’ noses.

Step 7

Draw your eyebrows in pencil and then draw the eyeballs. When you’ve got your eyebrows and eyes put in place, you are able to begin drawing your hairstyle of choice. I searched for wavy and layers for both models, however you could also outline your hair in short, straight and curly styles. Continue to the next step after you’re done.

Step 8

Then you can finish the facial models by drawing the hairstyles they will wear. Be sure to outline each hair strand, highlight, and texture of the hair. Make sure to draw the outline of the torso, sleeves and collars for each girl. Eliminate the lines and the designs you sketched in step one.

Step 9

Here’s how your daughters will look after they’re done. You are able to color these beautiful images, or I’ll draw the sketches as an idea. I hope that you enjoyed drawing along with me on this day. Don’t forget to join me again next time to have more fun drawing.

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