In this article, we will show how to draw the art of drawing a woman step-by-step. Today, we’ll draw a woman wearing a business-like look. You are able to choose the type of clothes and style to suit your tastes.

Step 1

We can begin drawing using a making a stickman. This will enable us to immediately sketch out the fundamental proportions as well as the posture of the person we are drawing. In our instance, we draw a female and you can observe the large pelvis and the narrow shoulders.

The women’s height in our course is equivalent to 6 heads’ lengths. Left knees should be slightly lowered by the knee of the right. The right arm must be bent at an angle of the right angle at the elbow.




Step 2

Let’s look at our torso’s contours. body. We’ve said before that the pelvis must be broad in relation to narrow shoulders. But, it is important to stay clear of abrupt changes. The chest’s expansion to the pelvis must be very smooth.

It is a fact that we must now create an elegant female character. If the transitions between one body part to the next will be smooth and precise, then the appearance of our character won’t look attractive.

In keeping with the tradition, in this step, we’ll draw two lines that intersect. These lines will be great landmarks to sketch facial features during the following steps. The lines should divide facial features into equal portions.



Step 3

Let’s explore the legs of the female. The legs and arms appear like a smooth, graceful cylinder that is connected by circular forms. Avoid thin and big lines on the limbs. The legs and hips must be very straight. The arms of our heroine’s heroine are not curvy in any way.



Step 4

We’ve scheduled facial lines earlier. Use these lines to draw facial characteristics. Sketch the eye contours along with a tiny mouth and nose. The space between the nose and the mouth is considerably smaller than the distance between both eyes. The facial features may be slightly offset from the symmetry line longitudinally.



Step 5

We will continue our lesson of drawing the face of a girl. In this section, we’ll finish our work by drawing her face. The hair should be drawn with smooth, symmetrical lines along the direction from the roots up to the ends.

Then, move to facial aspects. It is important that the vertical lines of your nose must be moved to your right eye. Be aware that the line of the nose is firmly separated from the center of the facial structure. The mouth’s shape greatly reflects the character’s feelings. We decided to choose to make the mouth as wide as is feasible.



Step 6

We are a body-focused company. There is the business shirt not buttoned up on the top. It is important to wear clothing that fits the waist, however, in the same way, it shouldn’t look too tight. If it’s not, it’ll appear like a comic book costume for a superhero.

Make sure you draw folds on the fabric and increase the size of the shirts to accommodate the folds. Don’t forget buttonholes and collars.



Step 7

We now sketch her arms in full detail. The most challenging part of this process is drawing with fingers. The fingers must be fluidly tapering from the bottom towards the ends. Small folds on your sleeves can make the drawing appear more natural.



Step 8

The final contours are drawn from the skirt, as well as the portion of the legs that are not completely covered in the skirt. The skirt should be fitted enough around the hips. The same shape should be used for the long part of the thigh as well as the lateral part of the skirt. On the skirt, draw some horizontal folds.

There should not be lines within the leg contours.



Step 9

Let’s now create our girl’s drawing look more impressive and gorgeous. To achieve this, we’ll apply a uniform and dense hatching, which draws at places that are not visible to the lighting. To darken the shadows and to give the drawing more vivid, we can also add another layer of hatching to the needed locations.


It was a second lesson on drawing an image of a woman step-by-step. If you were careful with proportions and accurately sketched the first four steps, you will either get a fantastic outcome or an acceptable result with tiny mistakes which are simple to correct.

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