In this drawing tutorial, the team at will teach you what to draw in a woman. This tutorial is crucial since we’ll teach you the basics of drawing female bodies. By using nine easy steps, we will attempt to teach you how to draw an accurate drawing of a girl.

Step 1

To draw a girl in a correct manner the first step is to sketch out her skeleton, on which the drawing itself is based. We begin by sketching our girl’s head as a shape of an oval, which tapers downwards. The next step is to draw the spine where the pelvis and the chest are situated. To be considered feminine, the shoulders must be visually narrower than the pelvis. With simple lines, draw the legs and arms of the female, and outline the joints’ locations in small circles.



Step 2

To correctly sketch the features of the face of the girl, it is first necessary to draw areas of harmony on the face. These lines should cross precisely in the middle of the face, within the area of the bridge of the nose. Next, we sketch the neck as a shape of cylindrical shape. By using the smoothest lines, sketch the female’s torso. It will taper towards the waist, and then expands at the hips.


Step 3

In the final stage, we’ll finish with the volume of the sketch of an individual girl. Draw the arms of the girl in the form of cylinders with narrow sides and the joints in the form of normal circles. With rough lines, sketch the hands. Then sketch the legs using slightly altered cylinders. Be aware that your legs should stretch in the hips, and taper at the knees.


Step 4

The next step is to draw the most basic elements by drawing rather rough lines. Start at the top of her head. Draw the eyes and eyebrows. Sketch the clean lip and nose with the lines that intersect from the second step. Then, we can add hair and eyebrows, the form of which can be altered depending on what you like. By using extremely smooth lines, draw the clothes and draw fingers.


Step 5

The foundation of the girl drawing is complete, and we’ll carefully sketch out the details, gradually eliminating unnecessary rules. The first step is to start by drawing the head. We then sketch out the facial characteristics. Draw circles around the eyes, and draw the dark eyelashes as well as pupils. Then draw the nose and lips that are plump. After that with long lines, trace the contour of the hair on the head.


Step 6

By using very smooth lines, you can carefully trace the lines of the torso. The girl was drawn in an unrelated subject, however, you could draw any style of clothing. Draw folds on the area of stretching and compression of the fabric. Take out any unnecessary guidelines from the body.


Step 7

Use flowing lines to wrap around the arms. Remember that they should taper around the wrists and elbows. After that, draw out your hands by drawing them with care, taking care to draw the fingers carefully, and drawing the nails and knuckles. If you want to know more about this procedure check out our guide on drawing hands.


Step 8

It’s time to draw the legs of the girl. With very smooth lines draw the legs keeping in mind all the curves we spoke about earlier. Next, draw toes and feet, in the case of drawing a woman in a closed shoe. Draw the details on the trousers, including buttons, pockets, and zips. Make sure to add some folds, as we did in our illustration below.


Step 9

For your girl’s drawing to appear natural and full, we need to draw shadows. In the beginning, use gentle lines to outline the position of the shadows. after that, using thick and uniform shading we shade the outline areas. To make specific areas dark, you can simply apply another layer of shading.


This tutorial on drawing the female body is completed, however, we’d like to provide you with additional tips. To improve your skill in drawing female bodies Try drawing the same girl multiple times using our guide to drawing. Then, draw any other female using the information you have gathered through this guide. Try drawing a woman in various poses and from different angles to understand the fundamentals of drawing a female body.


Below, we put one of the girls we created as per this guideline in front of the other two girls. You can clearly see that they’re different, but at the same time, they share some differentiators. The fundamentals of drawing an individual are the same regardless of the person we draw. All the differences are in the details. Make sure to examine every detail and attempt to draw the image you have in your eyes.

When drawing a human figure, it is essential to be able to draw their body and clothing. Two of the most important elements which make up a fully-fledged drawing. Make sure to recreate the drawing following the steps you have seen earlier.


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