How To Draw A Girl On A Bike Step by Step

A lot of people don’t know that girls like riding bikes just like boys. This girl is riding an awesome sport bike. It’s modern, quick and fun. The cyclist’s skirt, shoes helmet and gloves are more attractive than a cyclist dressed in casual clothing. This adorable girl also sports an adventurous, bold and cool style. I love drawing girl drawing ideas. Therefore, I’ll show that you can draw a girl an bicycle for children who are eager to learn to draw girls.


Drawing is a healthy exercise because it aids in the development of your brain, and assists in learning how to write and think in a creative way. If you regularly draw it will help improve concentration, hand-eye coordination and the ability to think conceptually. This is the reason why kids learn to draw at schools, not just for fun but also to aid in their development throughout their lives, as what you learn in your early years will benefit you throughout your. throughout your life. Therefore, I’ll show that you draw the woman with simple items.

The easy step-by-step drawing instructions below.

Step 1

This step will be much easier than ever since I don’t begin by making you feel dissatisfied. Let’s draw a simple headgear for the female in your bicycle. It can be drawn using various shapes such as rectangles and circles. Draw a half-border on the mirror. Two small triangles on the top of the mirror to create a more realistic.

Step 2

After you’ve drawn the helmet, is the time for drawing the girl’s body. In lieu of drawing her body, I’d suggest drawing the jacket directly. To create a realistic look you need draw some sketches however, don’t draw flowers or other girly styles because it’s the drawing of a daring and adventurous woman who rides and it’s a must that the drawing bold.

Step 3

To complete step 3 the next step is drawing the leg of the girl’s pants. I added little flowers to it to add some adorableness. If you don’t want the design to be too feminine then draw whatever you like for example, dots, stars or whatever else you want to draw.

Step 4

It’s an opportunity to create the most important object, the sports bike. Draw it with care since it is a distinct design, and this must be evident in the sketch. For a sporty style, draw a thorough outline of the inner frames of your tire.

Step 5

The final step is that you need to draw with the pen very cool. I employed a black drawing pencil to draw the outline, as well as a 4B shading pencil in order to create a beautiful shade. However, you could choose to use any color you like to give it a more authentic style.

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