How To Draw A Girl Laying Down Step by Step

It is possible to refer to the basic step-by step drawing guide that follows

How To Draw A Saxophone Easy Step by Step

Step 1

Begin by drawing the body and head shape Then outline the guidelines for the face.

Step 2
We will now sketch her facial structure Then draw her bangs as well as some hair that is on the side of her cheeks.

Step 3
Draw the eyes beginning with the top lash. Then sketch the form that each eyes has. Include a lining for her nose, and an area for her mouth.

Step 4
Are you ready to draw your next body? Let’s begin with the shoulders and draw the bust in full exaggeration. After that then draw the wrists and arms.

Step 5
Then, you’ll cover her breasts in the bikini top, then add straps at the top and bottom of her breastsand then trim the top.

Step 6
We will draw her hair beginning with a head that is round. Then sketch the length. Also, be sure to draw certain details at areas at the end of her hair.

Step 7
The first step is drawing her bottom. If you are drawing a woman lying down, it is important to ensure that the body is tilted in the proper position for her. In this instance we’ll see only her hips, legs and feet, along with a portion of her body. Draw the advertisement toes on her feet, and then place the footpad’s recess on the bottom of her foot.

Step 8
Draw a line around her booty and then draw her back legs. Once you’re done you can draw her fingers.

Step 9
Draw the remaining cheeks of the butt and then sketch the remaining thighs.

Step 10
Then, we’ll conclude our lesson with drawing the lower part of her second leg, and then drawing her other foot. Include some toes and foot scratches. Make sure to sew the seam on the sides of her pants too. Make sure you get rid of any mistakes and you’re finished.

Step 11
This is the drawing you will have completed after you’re done. All you have to do is pick a colors to give the life to this sleeping girl.

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