In this easy art lesson, the team at will demonstrate the art of drawing a woman easily. The fundamentals of drawing the female form aren’t significantly different from those of male figures. There are some distinctions which are due to the evolution of physiology and evolution which you must know about. In this lesson, we will discuss drawing the female form, we’ll attempt to take a look at the differences in all.


Step 1

To draw an accurate girl’s body, in the first place, you have to draw her the skeleton. We will begin by drawing the head of the girl. drawing it in the shape of an oval, below which we’ll draw an outline of a spine line. At the upper part of this line, we will draw the chest and on the lower part, draw the pelvis. Finish the sketch by drawing the muscles.



Step 2

To draw accurately and correctly the face of a girl To draw the face of a girl, we must draw two lines that intersect at the center of the face. Then, draw her neck in the shape of an easy cylindrical. Next, depict the body. One of the most notable features of the torso female is the fact that it tapers at the waist and then expands in the hips, which is not like the torso of a male.


Step 3

We now draw the limbs and torsos of the girl. Start with the hands, drawing them in the shape of large and slightly modified cylinders. Then, draw the legs, which extend from the upper part and narrow at the knees. Sketch every joint as a series that are simple circular shapes. The third step is completed by tracing the feet and hands.


Step 4

Then we will draw the most striking features of the girl’s drawing. Start by drawing the head, tracing the eyes on the horizontal line that was drawn in the second step. Sketch out a clean face and smile. By using straight lines and long lines, trace the hair over the shoulders.


Step 5

Let’s go over the most basic aspects of the female body. With a few lines, cut off the fingers like the artists from did. Sketch the outline of shoes and clothes. The sketch of the girl’s figure is completed, and beginning at the sixth step, we’ll work on all the details.


Step 6

With dark and clear lines draw the eyes. draw the pupils and then draw the eyebrows over the eyes. Then, sketch the nose, just as it is drawn in our example. Then, draw the lips that are plump and the outline of teeth. Then, draw the hair and then erase all the rules off of the head of the girl.


Step 7

Draw the neck and sketch out the lines of the neck muscles. Then sketch the shoulder and the torso like in our illustration. In drawing your torso think about all the curves of your body underneath the clothes. Make sure that you draw the lines of the clavicle as well as include folds to the clothing and eliminate any unnecessary guidelines from your body.

Step 8

Draw the arms in straight and clear lines. Then draw the hands, paying special concentration on the fingers to ensure that they’re attractive and proportional. The arms of girls tend to be more refined and slimmer than men’s, which means there’s no requirement to draw lots of muscles.


Step 9

Move your legs slowly beginning at the hips before moving to the lower part of the legs. Be aware that your legs should be wide at the hips. Then, bend the knees, then increase the muscles of the calf. Draw the feet inside the shoes, and erase the other auxiliary tips from the woman’s drawing.


Step 10

To make your work more realistic and volumetric You should also add shadows. Utilize light hatching to mark the areas in the places where it appears in the drawings of the artists at To draw the shadows, begin by trying to think about where the light will fall from, and with this in mind, add shadows to the areas that are required.


This lesson on drawing the female form was easily finished We hope that the lesson was simple. Let us know if you were able how to draw a girl using this instruction in art. Also, tell us about any difficulties you had while drawing.


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