How To Draw A Girl Crying with Pencil

It is possible to refer to the easy step-by-step drawing instructions below.

Skeleton Alice Drawing Lesson

Begin by drawing a circle around the head, and then draw an armline or similar guidelines.

Step 2

You will now need to make her hair fall over her face. Hair is thick and long, and extends beyond arms.

Step 3

Then, you’ll add these hairlines. Then, you will complete step four.

Step 4

Draw her shoulder and arms. Then draw her hand relaxed.

Step 5

The knees and legs of her are slung up over her chest. This is the area where her arms rest. Take note of the way her legs are tight to one another and her arms too.

Step 6

The final step all you have you do is to trace the remainder of your hair to the floor. Then, add some body. draw a flower that is wilted on the palm of her hand. Take note of the petals falling away from the bloom. Remove all the mistakes then you’ve finished.

Step 7

Here’s your stroke after you’re finished. Color her, and you’re all set to display your work.

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