How to draw a giraffe -

How to draw a giraffe

How to draw a giraffe

Learn how to draw a giraffe for kids step by step. Our art team has prepared a simple tutorial on how to draw a giraffe for kids. We tried to make a very simple and understandable giraffe drawing tutorial so that a young artist could easily embody a drawing of a giraffe on paper. After all, it is from an early age that children lay in themselves the knowledge that will be reflected in adulthood. It is creativity that is one of the main tools that allows you to solve problems without much effort, using creative thinking.

Giraffes are different. They are unique. No two giraffes are the same. They are different colors and have different spots. Giraffes are mostly tan, but some are yellow, white, and reddish-brown. Some giraffes have no spots at all. Giraffes are the tallest animals. They are so tall, that they can eat leaves from the tops of trees. Giraffes are peaceful animals. They don’t fight with other animals. Giraffes are not afraid of anything. Not even lions. Lions don’t like to eat giraffes because they are so tall. Lions eat smaller animals like zebras and deer. Giraffes are very smart. They have to be smart to eat.

Giraffes are endangered animals. They are losing their habitat and are being poached. Some people are trying to help them. You can help too by drawing a picture of a giraffe with as many features as you can.

Some Techniques to draw a giraffe

This is a step by step tutorial to help you draw a face. The first thing you have to do is draw a circle for the head. Then you draw two lines for the eyes, two lines for the ears, and a circle for the nose. Next you draw two circles for the cheeks, two lines for the mouth, and two lines for the chin. Then you draw two lines for the eyebrows and two lines for the hair. Finally, you color in the face.

Giraffes are one of the most interesting animals to draw. This is because they have very long necks and legs. When you draw giraffes, you’ll need to make sure that the proportions are right. This means that you’ll need to start with the head and neck and then draw the body and legs. You can start with a few simple shapes like a triangle and a rectangle. Once you have the body and legs, you can add details like the spots.

Let’s talk about giraffes for a little bit before we draw them. Giraffes are mammals. That means they are animals that give live birth. Their bodies are very long and they have long legs. Their necks are very long too. Giraffes are the tallest animals in the world. They can be 6 meters tall. That’s almost 20 feet tall! A giraffe’s body can weigh up to 1000 kilograms. That’s 2000 pounds! A giraffe’s tongue can be almost half a meter long. That’s almost a meter and a half long. Giraffes live in Africa. Giraffes live in a place called the savanna. The savanna is a place that is mostly grass.

Some giraffe Drawing pictures

Start by drawing a large circle for the body of your giraffe. The body is the biggest part of your giraffe. Next, draw a smaller circle on top of the first circle for the head of your giraffe. The head is smaller than the body. Now, draw a line from the head down to the body. The line should be a long one. This line is the neck of your giraffe.


If you are an artist who is just starting out you may think that drawing a giraffe is too hard. It’s not! With our easy giraffe drawing tutorial you can learn the basic steps for drawing a giraffe and then use those skills to learn how to draw other animals too.

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