Hello dear artists. It is common to draw monsters and characters from various games of role-playing. In essence, this is the case for games of role-playing that take place in the context of classical Fantasy. Today, we’ve decided to draw a character drawn from one of the best unique, and loved by all role-playing games. In this game, the action takes place, not at the time of the Middle Ages, but instead, in post-apocalyptic retro-futuristic America. Then, let’s take a look at drawing an eerie ghoul from Fallout.

Step 1
Our beloved ghouls are created by the power of radiation. On the surface, they appear like terrifying and scary zombies, however, they are not (not at all). Whatever it was the case, we start our lesson by drawing the skull. Sketch an oval-shaped head. The neck is further extended, and it connects to an articulation. Draw the pelvis and chest. Then, at the end of this step draw legs and arms.

Step 2
Now let’s make the monster bigger and more impressive. Draw the neck. Then draw a torso as well as an angular pelvis. Intensify the legs and arms. Be aware that we are using extremely light lines during the initial steps since later on, we will need to remove the lines. Make sure to outline intersecting lines on the face.

Step 3
Let’s create the outline of our ghoul to look more like the ones we saw in Fallout. The outline of the body is supposed to be extremely wavy like the skin drains away from the body of the ghoul. However, the outline of the major muscles and joints must be apparent.

Step 4
We’ll now look at the essentials of our radioactive body. As always, we start by focusing on the face. To begin, draw out the eyes. If you stare at them, you’ll feel that he’s about to sleep. Then, draw the mouth of our ghoul. It is bent in an unrecognizable shape. He smiles. Perhaps he’s feeling down? We don’t know.

Step 5
We will continue our drawing lessons about drawing ghosts. It’s an easy step where we’ll have to draw the bone folds and contours visible beneath the decomposing skin.

Step 6
Let’s begin with the upper portion of our monster. Make precise lines of bones and muscles. Utilize curved lines to draw folds in the skin.

Step 7
We will now follow the same procedure with the lower half that our post-apocalyptic beast has. Draw the torn pants with pockets, folds, and seams. Draw the legs using many veins and folds. Don’t forget to erase all guidelines that are not necessary for the body of the monster.

Step 8
Let’s make the final touches and make our ghoul more realistic and voluminous. Draw a line of branches along the body part of the ghost. By hatching, create shadows. In the course on the grapes, we demonstrated the drawing of shadows in the detail.

This was the lesson on drawing the ghoul in Fallout. Are you looking for new drawing tips for Fallout? Fallout universe? Please let us know in the comments section of this article, or on our social media networks.

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