How to Draw A Gerbil Step by Step

Below is a step-by-step drawing tutorial.

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Step 1

This lesson will require you to create two shapes for your head and body. Connect both shapes by drawing lines at the chest, back, and then a guideline for the face.

Step 2

Begin by sketching the head structure of the gerbil starting at the bridge. Next, draw the forehead. Draw short, round ears and then add the feather to the top of your head to give volume and volume to the mouth.

Step 3

You will now use the face guides that you created in step one to draw almond-shaped eyes. Before coloring, it is important to know that gerbils may have ruby red eyes. Straight black. Draw some whiskers and hint at the tip.

Step 4

Now you can begin drawing the gerbil body. Slowly pull the neck back and arch from behind. Then, draw in the neck and chest.

Step 5

When removing the hind legs or one foot from a gerbil’s hind legs, remember that they have kangaroo-shaped feet and hind legs. Add the toes as above and draw the bottom towards the belly.

Step 6

Draw the foot or hand of the opposite foot. Next, draw the hind leg. Remember to draw the bun at top and sketch the long tail. Next, draw fur marker lines.

Step 7

This is how your furry friend will look when you have finished drawing it. I hope this tutorial was helpful. Now you can show the world what you have created. We are grateful to you all and please join us for another lesson.


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