How to draw a Geranium Flower -

How to draw a Geranium Flower

How to draw a Geranium Flower

Flowers are a wonder of nature for us. Flowers bring beauty and joy to our mundane lives. Nature’s beauty lies in its flowers. One flower can brighten up your day. We have a beautiful drawing of geraniums. It is majestic and will fill you with love and enchantment. Today’s flower drawing is eye-catching and perfect for kids. This will let your child spend quality time learning while having fun.

Drawing wild geraniums will be a fun activity for your child. Learn how to draw Geraniums for your children. Elegant geranium flowers. Geranium can be found in wild areas. It can be found in both tropical and temperate regions. Although geraniums are typically red and white, they can also be found in other colors such as pink, purple, or orange. The geranium is known for its flamingo-like appearance. It belongs to the genus Pelargonium. They are most common in the Mediterranean region. Geranium can be found as a wildflower. It thrives in moister soil.


Below is a step-by-step drawing tutorial.

Step 1
Let’s start drawing your geranium. Geranium can be found in temperate, tropical, and Mediterranean regions. We will first draw a Geranium flower. Geranium belongs to the Geraniaceae family. We’ll start drawing the petals. Each petal surrounds the central disc of the perianth.

We need to draw large petals along the disc of each flower. Five petals make up a geranium flower. The petals are long and wide. We will draw the stalk of the flower after we have drawn the petals.

Step 2
Geranium flowers and fragrant leaves are edible. The daily use of geranium perfume as a facewash is a common practice. Because it has a herbal scent, it is an excellent alternative to roses. It is soft and lasts for a long time. It is a green fragrance.

The second step will be to draw the flower buds as shown in the reference image. These buds will produce new flowers. You can place a few buds underneath the flowers.

Step 3
Geranium can be found in wildflowers. It can be found in either a single or double color. Geraniums can have leaves that look like leaves or hands. The stem of the flower will be drawn in the third step. The stem of a flower is an important part of its structure. It contains all the minerals necessary for the flower’s beauty.

Step 4
The leaves of geraniums are large. Tabloids, or leaf-like hands, are the name for their leaves. To complete the design, we will draw the delicate leaves of the flower in this fourth step. Without leaves, the flower appears barren. Let’s draw the geranium’s broad leaves on the stem.

Step 5:
Now it’s time for us to color our geranium drawings. You can give the drawing a natural look with red or white rubies or peaches, oranges, or purples, or make its flowers and leaves more green. This is a beautiful and fascinating drawing.

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