How to Draw A Gemstone Step by Step -

How to Draw A Gemstone Step by Step

How to Draw A Gemstone Step by Step

The easy step-by-step drawing instructions below.

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Step 1

Because they are shaped and refined, gemstones usually be very angular in their structure to their shape. This is precisely the kind of drawing we’ll be doing in this tutorial for drawing gemstones.

To this end, it is recommended to use the ruler while drawing since it helps in the creation of many of the straight edges this gem features.

In this instance, we’ll sketch the top part on the stones. This top part will have five edges and the two edges that are on either side being the longest all.

The two edges that are above them will be slightly narrower and will result in a flat area on the top.

Finding the ideal angle of view for the edges could be difficult, so you should be sure you take your time and look at our examples carefully.

Step 2: Draw the bottom part of the gem.
The top portion of this drawing contains several intricate elements, however the second portion of this tutorial is much simpler to draw.

In this part in the guide, we simply have to add two additional edge to our gem. This is another area that a ruler could help tremendously!

The lines you draw will be the longest lines you’ve drawn thus far and will extend down from the previous edges you drawn.

They will end up at an elongated point in the middle of the gemstone, as seen in the image of the reference.

Step 3 – Begin drawing an inner edge for the gem
You’ve finished the outline of your drawing, and in this section of the how to draw a gem video tutorial we’ll draw an inner edge.

Gemstones typically come in a variety of small, flat surfaces and we’ll begin carving the stones out right now.

Begin by drawing a diagonal line from the upper edge of the stone.

Next, draw two lines that run lower from where the earlier ones were, so that they join at the bottom in the stone.

Once the new lines have been drawn in the same way as they appear in the image reference, you can continue to the fourth stage of the guide.

Step 4: Next add some edges to create the gem
In keeping with the drawing of this gem and adding an additional edge in the gem.

The edges of these will appear in the center They’ll be among the most complicated edges we’ve drawn thus far.

This is one of the steps in which you’ll need to look closely at your reference photos when you’re working!

The front sides will feature two triangular sides, and an hexagonal front side itself.

The two sides will be diagonal, and will form an angled end on the highest.

Two lines of shorter length are going to descend until there will be two lines running down, and they will intersect at the bottom of the gemstone.

After these shapes have been drawn and you’re all set for the final design!

Step 5 – Add the last details to the gem’s drawing
Before we add colour to this tutorial on gems We must finish the final details.

The lines we draw during this stage should be vertical for greater part of the time and will go through the middle of the gemstone.

Draw lines across the different vertical edges that you have drawn, and make sure to draw the image of a reference to guide you in drawing the corners.

After you’ve finished these edges, you can complete the painting using a background, or perhaps some fun additions! How do you want to finish this gorgeous masterpiece?

Step 6 – Complete your gem’s design in color
Different gemstones are renowned by their unique shades, and the final part of this gemstone drawing is to determine the type of stone.

In our image of reference, we have added some gorgeous shades of purple to prove the possibility that this gem could be an amethyst.

This isn’t the only one method to color this image! Once you’ve finished you can find different gemstones and choose your preferred color in this photo.

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