How To Draw A Gecko

When you think of reptiles you might first imagine the scary ones, like alligators and crocodiles.

There’s an abundance of reptiles living on our planet and some of them might be within your home right now!

Geckos are a prime illustration, since they can be frequently found in households across the globe. Apart from being cute they also excel at catching pests of a different kind such as spiders and mosquitoes.

How To Draw A Gecko Step-By-Step

1st Step:

In this tutorial on the art of drawing a gecko we’ll be drawing an illustration of the cute tiny gecko.

2nd Step:

In continuation with the drawing of a gecko We will now be adding facial details , as well as the legs that were first drawn.

3rd Step:

You have added the two first legs in the first section within this tutorial for drawing geckos and now, in this step we will add the back legs.

4th Step:

Before adding any details about the pattern to this gecko sketch in the next step, you need to finish the outline. The focus will be on the tail of the gecko.

5th Step:

The lizard species of this breed often is adorned with patterns on its back and this is what we’ll include in this section in our tutorial on drawing a gecko.

6th Step:

You’re now ready to complete this gecko drawing by adding some colour! In the image we used as a reference we’ve used an edgy green for the majority of the body of the gecko after which we added dark greens to the spot.

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