How do you draw the head of a gazelle? In our latest drawing class, our artists will demonstrate how to draw this.

Step 1
To draw a beautiful gazelle’s head, begin by drawing the head using the shape of an easy circle. Then you draw the line, which will later become the neck.

Step 2
In the lower portion of the circle, sketch out the muzzle. In the upper area of the head, sketch out the outline of the ears and curve the horns. The neck should be made more slender.

Step 3
Above the muzzle, draw a horizontal line where your eyes are. Then create the horns and ears thicker.

Step 4
Draw our eyes, nostrils, and the mouths of gazelles. Note the position and the direction of lines along the muzzle as well as the head.

Step 5
Eliminate all guidelines that are unnecessary and use sharp and dark lines to sketch out the outline of the eyes, head, and muzzle.

Step 6
Create lines for the horns. Draw lines on the center and along the side of the head dark. Paint the eyes dark black with the eyes glaring. Then, at the end of the step, apply shadows by hatching.

We hope that this drawing guide helped you understand how to draw a gazelle head. It is also possible that you might encounter difficulties when drawing. If this is the case, tell us about it in the comments section below this article. Which other animal (or perhaps not animal) you’d like to be able to see on the 3devkarts pages? Details about this are waiting in the comments section of this article.

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