Garlic is an extremely well-known variety of food and spice which has been used all over the world for millennia. The lesson will comprise five easy steps and we have made it in a way that all of our readers would be able to learn the task.

Step 1

The lines drawn in this step are supposed to be thin.

How to draw a garlic

Step 2

By using smooth lines, we trace the lines that garlic cloves have.

How to sketch a garlic

Step 3

Get rid of the guidelines that aren’t needed out of your garlic.

How to draw garlic easy

Step 4

It is a simple process that we must follow to create how garlic looks using straightforward vertical lines.

How to draw a garlic step by step

Step 5

Let’s make our garlic more abundant and real. To achieve this, we draw shadows to highlight all convex areas in the drawing.

How to draw a garlic

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