Today, the staff of 3dvkarts wants to teach you what it takes to draw gargoyles. In spite of its scary appearance however, in Gothic design, a gargoyle can be an outlet made of metal or stone from the drain.

Step 1
In the beginning, we will outline the structure of the gargoyle’s skeleton. The head is drawn in the shape of an oval. Then draw a chest, the pelvis, and the spine. With simple lines, draw the arms and legs. You can observe, that we draw the gargoyle from an almost standard pose.

Step 2
Draw two lines across the head that is the eye line as well as the horizontal line that is of the symmetry. Utilizing simple geometric shapes, draw the proportions of the arms and legs. By drawing curved lines, draw wings.

Step 3
Let’s include a few simple pieces of information. On the head, draw an enormous mouth, wicked eyes, and sharp ears. Draw the lower lines of wings. Be aware that the wings must appear like those of bats.

Step 4
Grab an eraser and take out any unnecessary lines on the face. With the aid of black and clear lines, we sketch the facial features with precision and create wrinkles and sharp teeth.

Step 5
Let’s now move to the body. Utilizing dark and clear lines trace out the parts of the body. Include lines of the muscles and eliminate any unnecessary guidance.

Step 6
It’s an easy task, as we’ll move to the gargoyle’s wings and then carefully trace long lines on the wings so that they are easy to see and smooth.

Step 7
Let’s now make our ominous gargoyle look even more terrifying and large. By hatching, create shadows on the gargoyle’s drawing, as shown in our illustration.

While the gargoyle is an amazing creature, the fundamentals of drawing it remains the same as the rules of drawing a human. If you’re interested in learning the art of drawing gargoyles more effectively, you can attempt drawing it from various angles and with different poses.


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