How do you draw a gamepad? This lesson will show you how to draw it. This lesson uses the familiar Dualshock 4 gamepad, which is part of Sony Playstation 4. You can draw any other gamepad by following this drawing tutorial.

Step 1
Start by drawing the general shape of your gamepad. You will draw the outline of the body using very thin lines.

Step 2
Use light lines to add all buttons and other elements. All buttons and elements can be added using light lines, such as analog Sticks, D-pads, home buttons, and touchpads.

Step 3
The gamepad’s outline can be drawn with very precise and smooth lines.

Step 4
Draw out the controls carefully and then delete any unnecessary lines. All symbols should be added to the gamepad.

We drew this gamepad using the Dualshock 4 example. You can use any other gamepad, from Nintendo or Xbox, as the principles of drawing are the exact same. Share this lesson with your friends, subscribe to us via social media networks, and leave comments. It helps us to improve and learn new drawing lessons.

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