The game console Gameboy is extremely well-known and significant. A lot of people have fond memories of this fantastic toy, which had an innovative color screen that was revolutionary for the time. On the screen of the console, you could see famous characters like the Pokemons, Mario and Sonic. Then we begin an illustration tutorial on drawing the characters of the Gameboy Color step by step!


Step 1

The first step is to draw the parallelogram. If you wish to draw an arcade console that is straight then draw a rectangle of a regular size and move on through the subsequent step.




Step 2

Draw a small rhombus within the contour of the image from the prior step. The rhombus should be situated in the upper part of your parallelogram. If you’re drawing the game console straight then draw a square rather than a rhombus during this step.



Step 3

We draw the side side of the console’s body. Remove the lower right corner and draw the smooth, rounded line. Following that, draw a rhombus in the smaller rhombus drawn in the earlier step. It is important to note that the corner of a larger rhombus must also be made rounded.



Step 4

We draw two round buttons to the right, one on the left, a cross, and two buttons at the bottom. Make sure to include some round dots to replace the speaker.



Step 5

In this stage, we’ll apply some light shading to the sides of our gaming console. Draw two Oblique lines across the screen. These particulars will make the console appear more real.


We have drawn an interesting thing. The console is now synonymous with “childhood.” We accidentally considered Gameboy, the console for games Gameboy, and thought of drawing it. If you can help us out with innovative ideas Our site will grow more effectively and efficiently. We’re looking forward to your suggestions to leave your comments!


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