How to draw a galaxy -

How to draw a galaxy

how to draw a galaxy

Galaxies are huge groups of stars. There are billions of galaxies in the universe. Our galaxy is called the Milky Way galaxy. We can’t see the Milky Way from Earth. We can see other galaxies. We can see other galaxies with telescopes and with binoculars. Galaxies look beautiful.

They look like a bunch of stars in the sky. They look like a bunch of tiny dots in the sky. They look like long lines in the sky. There are many different kinds of galaxies. Some galaxies are very small. Some galaxies are huge.
Galaxies are very far away. We have never been to a galaxy. We have never been to the Milky Way. We have never been to the Andromeda Galaxy, but we can see.

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Galaxy is a big group of stars that are all held together by gravity. There are lots of different types of galaxies. They are all different shapes and sizes. They are very popular in the art world and people are making art with galaxies all the time.

You can make art with galaxies with different materials. Some people use paint, some people use ink, and some people use markers.

Learn how to draw a galaxy. A galaxy is a group of stars, planets, and other things that are held together by gravity. Galaxies are usually very, very far away from Earth.


Color your galaxy. In our example, we shaded the depth of space with a dark blue color and used blue and purple to highlight the branches of the galaxy. What colors will your planet have? Gas giants like Saturn and Jupiter can be red or orange, while cold planets like Neptune and Uranus are usually blue.

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