Hello guys! Today, I will show students how you can draw a football player in freestyle. Freestyle football is an extremely impressive steer sport. A player playing freestyle football can perform tricky tricks with footballs.

Step 1
Then we draw the stickman.

Step 2
In the next step, we’ll try to create some volume for the stickman. The leg left of us appears larger than our head. The reason for this is an unusual perspective.

Step 3
Let’s mark the mouth, eyes, and nose by using dashes.

Step 4
In this stage, we’ll sketch the hair. In reality, you could draw another hair, but remember the most important rule to draw the hair starting from the roots until the ends. It’s in this direction.

Step 5
We are now nearing the conclusion of this drawing class. Sketch on the shirt and the shape of the hands. Be aware of the folds within the armpit region.

Step 6
Eliminate the guidelines that were used in prior steps. Make sure you draw pants footwear and the shape on the ball.

Step 7
The final step is to draw the strips and fold in into the material of your shoes and pants.

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