Enjoy your day! We’ve got a new drawing tutorial where we’ll show the drawing technique for a freestyle footbag character. The footbag is a small ball that resembles a bag constructed of cloth and filled with lentils or sand. Freestyle is a gorgeous street sport that is a trick using the ball.

Step 1
The first step is to draw the outline for the character. This is a crucial task since a good and correct stickman should have the correct proportions and posture of the character we are drawing. There is a normal male figure, where size is the amount of length of seven heads. Shoulders should be wider than the pelvic area (don’t employ this rule for the sketch of the female body). Notice that the stickman is not wearing feet, and there are no palms. We will draw these areas from the figure in the following step.

Step 2
Let’s give flesh to the stickman we’ve created. Check out the second part of the drawing instructions for Captain America

There are many strategies and tips for drawing the figure of the man in the following post. The right shoulder resembles the shape of a circle, while the left shoulder is oval shape. Then draw the hands composed of cylindrical shapes. The body’s shape is shrinking towards the pelves.

Step 3.
This process will be simple and quick. Make small strokes that will aid with facial features drawing. Sketch the outline of your cap.

Step 4
Let’s add some more details on the face. Eliminate all lines of unnecessary detail on the face. Draw the parts of the caps including the clasp and sun visor.

Step 5
In this phase, you should draw the jacket as well as the fingers. Do not forget to draw the folds of the cloth within the abdominal region along with the armpits and elbows. It is possible to draw another garment such as a polo, a regular shirt, or a hoodie. In the case of the hoodie, you need to draw additional folds on the hood.

Step 6
Draw the pants now. In our case you can see the jeans, however, you could draw a different outfit as you did in the first step. Also, in this step, you should draw the shoebag. Our character performs the trick, which is known as “clipper”. You can observe during this trick, the footbag is placed onto the medial side of the foot.

Step 7
In the final step, you draw the shadow of the athlete will fall to the ground.

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