How To Draw A Frangipani Flower Step by Step -

How To Draw A Frangipani Flower Step by Step

How To Draw A Frangipani Flower Step by Step

The easy step-by-step drawing instructions below.

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Step 1

The first thing to create is an outline of a circle that will be the center of your guide flower. Include the middle liner then follow the steps 2.

Step 2
This is where you begin by sketching the pedal you want to use. It appears more like an ordinary spoon. It is bent to the other side to create the shape of a cup.

Step 3
Sketch the second pedal the same way as the first. Note how the pedal is larger or thicker than the pedal you first sketched.

Step 4
Start sketching to create the third flower pedal as it appears. The design details along the edge of your flower create your Plumeria pedal appear like an elongated cube.

Step 5
We are almost done, guys. The next step is to tackle four springboards. It should appear like an empty cup. The top of the pedal will fold in the two sides, and include some details.

Step 6
To draw the final sketch all you need be doing is draw the pedal. Include a few minor details, and then eliminate the mistakes since you’ll begin the process of shading now.

Step 7
Start with a dark-colored base at the center of your pedal. As you get further away from it, begin intensifying the contrast.

Step 8
It is evident you can see that this pedal isn’t as dark as the first pedal. This is due to the source of light comes from to the right side of the flower. In the midst of the darkness, there is a void.

Step 9
Make the third pedal ball for your flower. The middle and the bottom part of your flower must be dark than you can make the remainder of the stirring up.

Step 10
Then Shade the other pedals similarly to this. The ends and end of the pedals should have a lighter shade than all the others. Once you’re finished, you are able to show your friends what you’ve drawn. Keep in mind that you may opt to color the flower using crayons, pastels, or even watercolors to color this flower.

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