How to Draw a Fox

In this drawing guide, we will help you draw an elk. In this drawing guide, we continue the series of drawing lessons about animals.


Step 1

First, we will sketch out the body contours of our Fox. Pay particular attention to the close place of the chest and head.




Step 2

Most of the elements in this step are created by triangles. On the head, there are two triangles. On the inside of the head, there is an oval and a triangle of ovals that are small. The size of the figures that represent the eyes and ears must be different due to the angle.





Step 3

Draw new lines to the back, and on the area between the rounded shapes drawn in the initial step. Then you can draw the front legs, which should appear strong and elegant while still looking strong and elegant.




Step 4

So we depict a large magnificent tail. The tail should be at least smaller than the narrowest section of our body. Draw the hind legs as well. The paw that is the furthest away from us makes an angle that is right, while the closest paw to us creates an Obtuse angle.




Step 5

Let’s make some changes to the appearance of our Fox. The auricles are the main features. Draw lines and a nose which separate the lower and upper jaws. With the help of the dotted line, we draw lines of the outline for the white portion of fur.




Step 6

There shouldn’t be any issues with this step If you sketched the prior step correctly. We will remove the guidelines on this fox’s face, and then draw the final details.




Step 7

We follow the same steps as earlier with the body of an eagle. We examine the whole image and look for mistakes. In this phase, you have to correct any errors you detect within your browser.




Step 8

Make use of the orange color to make the fox appear more lively. If you’re drawing a polar animal, it is recommended to utilize light blue shades or light gray.




Are you not interested in focusing on this adorable fox? It is possible to continue working on your drawing skills for animals by looking at the guidebooks for cats as well as guidebooks for dogs and cats. guides.

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