How do you draw a fox’s face? This question will be answered right away. We have prepared a quick drawing lesson that consists of just nine steps.

This drawing tutorial will show you how to draw a fox’s face. Although there are many types of foxes, their anatomy, body structure, and appearance are all very similar.


Step 1

We now have a guide for drawing a fox’s face. A portrait is shown in front of us. Are you adamant that artists can only paint portraits of humans? Animal portraits can be very effective and cool.

Let’s first draw a large oval that is located at the center of the sheet. Next, draw two intersecting lines. For facial symmetry, a vertical line is required. A horizontal line is necessary to indicate the location and orientation of the eyes.



Step 2

Foxes are very sensitive and have great hearing. Let’s now draw the outline of these ears. These ears are two triangles with rounded corners. Draw two oblique lines at the base of the head. These will draw the outline of the neck.


Step 3

Let’s draw the outline of our fox’s facial features to make it more animated. To outline the eyes we will use an auxiliary horizontal line at the center of the oval. Let’s draw two small circles that are located above this line. Let’s now draw the narrow nose of our Fox.


Step 4

We will continue to work with the eyes in this step. The two arcs created in the previous step should be closed and two small ovals made on the horizontal line. Don’t forget to include a pair of pupils. Remember that the location of the pupils determines the direction and expression of your gaze.


Step 5

Now it’s time for the lower half of the face to be completed. Let’s finish the details on the nose and mouth of our Fox. The cheek outlines are drawn using short lines that look like strokes. Next, we will detail the nose. It looks like a mushroom. The last step will show a large arc that is located under the nose.


Step 6

The fur of the fox is thick and warm, which keeps it warm on winter nights. Although we won’t be able to draw the fur in great detail, we will attempt to outline it using clear, concise strokes.


Step 7

This is the last part of our guide to drawing a fox. In this step, you will be removing the guidelines from the previous steps. We can then add more shading to show the fur of the fox, and draw a mustache.


Step 8

Shadows can make any lesson more real and complete. Let’s create small shadows around the eyes, nose, and inside of the ears. Don’t forget to include the larger areas of the neck, cheeks, and chin.


Step 9

If you follow the right sequence and follow all our advice, you’ll end up with something similar to the fox face drawing.


We hope you found this tutorial on drawing a fox’s face helpful. We tried our best to make something similar. Please let us know if you find any errors in this tutorial.

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