How to Draw A Four-Leaf Clover -

How to Draw A Four-Leaf Clover

How to Draw A Four-Leaf Clover

If you’re looking for a small boost of luck There are some things that are believed to boost your chances. If it’s a rabbit’s feet or lucky pants, you have a lot of possibilities to choose from!

Maybe perhaps the most famous sign of fortune can be found in the clover with four leaves. These tiny plants have been long believed to bring luck to those who find these plants.

It’s not easy to find these plants however and the most effective option is to study how to draw the four leaf clover, and then design your own!

How to Draw A Four-Leaf Clover Step-By-Step

1st Step:

Before we begin this guide on drawing a four-leaf clover must begin with the name of the leaf!

2nd Step:

As we discussed in the first step of your drawing of the four leaves of a clover that the leaves will technically be the same.

3rd Step:

You’re getting the grasp of it! You can imagine that we’ll be drawing the third leaf during this section of our tutorial on drawing the four leaf clover.

4th Step:

This last leaf of the four-leaf clover drawing will be easy for you! This leaf will point towards the right-hand side of the clover, and will begin at the middle area as it is normally.

5th Step:

Have you had the pleasure drawing clover leaves, you’re in luck since we’ll be shifting to new techniques in this part of our instructional guide on drawing the four leaf clover.

6th Step:

In this final phase, you can include any additional specifics to the four-leaf clover design.

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