Hello dear artists. In our previous drawing classes, we demonstrated how to draw an object like a cup and a spoon, and a mug as well as other items of the home. We’ve decided to extend the subject and show the viewers the drawing process of the fork.

Step 1
Then, draw out our “head” of the fork with gentle and straight lines.

Step 2
Draw an extended tail of the fork with very light, almost transparent lines.

Step 3
Then, using straight and long lines, draw the tines of the fork.

Step 4
Then erase all of the rules in the earlier steps, and trace the fork with straight lines that are clean and straight.

Step 5
Let’s now make our fork more realistic and large by creating shadows and glare by hatching.

We have shown our readers the drawing of a fork step-by-stage. Are you looking for more instruction about this topic? If yes, then write about it in the comments below this article. Additionally, share this lesson with your friends and join us on social media to ensure that you don’t get updates from our site.


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