How to Draw A Forest easy Step by Step

It is possible to refer to the basic step-by step drawing guide that follows

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When you see the final pictures of this tutorial for cartoon trees You might be thinking that this particular image is challenging to sketch.

We wanted to demonstrate how it’s simpler when you are aware of what you need to do. We will also break the process into steps in order to make it easier.

The first step is to start on the left-most portion in the woods. It is possible to use rough lines to represent the foliage of the tree We’ll then use some curves to represent the trunk.

This is the initial step. Now we’ll move on!

Step 2. Draw some larger trees
We’ll add a bigger tree to your animation of a forest in the next step!

The tree will also feature some bumpy roads to the lush tops, however this one will have more volume than the one before it.

We’ll then employ an assortment of small curves, and mostly straight lines to define the branch of the tree.

The trunk will rise higher and more robust than it was the previous model and there will be a small space on the lower right side.

Step 3: Add trees and bushes
We can now add excitement to this forest in the third stage in the guide!

In the beginning, you’ll understand the reason we left that empty area at the base of the tree earlier because there is an additional bush to fill the gap.

This plant will be painted in a rough border, similar to the leaves of the tops.

We’ll then add more trees, and the primary tree will be a large tree that is drawn using both lines and curves.

Step 4 – Draw additional trees and bushes.
The main thing we’ll be doing in this tutorial on cartoon forests is building it gradually , and we’ll add an additional step in the fourth.

In the beginning, you’ll add another tree to the bottom of the one before. We’ll then add additional plants to the background, using the same techniques similar to the ones that you sketched.

This is all there is to this stage and we’re ready to move on!

Step 5: Draw another forest
This fifth section of your cartoon drawing is going to make things a little more interesting! We’ll add a new huge tree, however, this one will differ from the earlier ones.

The next tree will appear like a magnificent pine tree and is sure to be an enjoyable experience to draw! The particular stem is small and has a slight bend.

The canopy will be adorned with spikes to cover the canopy. the spikes will to give it the appearance that is a collection of needles which make up the canopy.

We’ll then be ready for the final drawing details in the next stage during the instructional course!

Step 6: Now, add the final details
Let’s finish this piece by adding some final touches to this section in the guide! In order to do this, we’ll put another set of trees to the right of the artboard, as well as on the back.

It is possible to add bumpy curves to the various bush types to give them some depth and texture.

After these details are completed after which you’ll be ready for the next step! Be sure to add additional details that you’d like to include in the drawing.

It is possible to add small animals, or add trees, or perhaps some additional sky-related details to give you some ideas. What other ideas can you think of to finish this picture?

Step 7 – Complete your drawing using some color
This is the final part of the guide on drawing an animated forest. In it, we’ll make this stunning drawing look more appealing with colour!

In our reference image , we provide a way that to color this image.

We used bright and varied greens for the bushes and leaves and some beautiful dark browns to make the stems.

It is possible to color similar shades in the event that you like, but you could also select totally unique colors! It’s also a lot of enjoyable to experiment with creative mediums that are new for coloring.

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