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Hello, dear artists! Today’s lesson will teach you how to draw a Ford Mustang, one of the most iconic muscle cars in the USA. The Ford Mustang was released in 1964. It quickly became a cult car because of its powerful design. Let’s begin the tutorial by drawing a Ford Mustang from 2017.

Step 1
First, draw two rectangles to guide the front and sides of the car. Next, draw two curves to guide the Ford Mustang’s roof and hood.

Step 2
Add some details to your Ford Mustang. The radiator grille, headlights, and wheels should be drawn. In this step, draw the lines for the windows.

Step 3
All guidelines should be removed from your car. Make sure to draw the lines and make them smooth. Continue to draw windows. Draw the mirrors and the lower edges of the Ford Mustang’s body.

Step 4
You can add details to the front, such as bumpers and headlights. These lines should all be smooth and straight.

Step 5
Continue to draw the Ford Mustang. Draw the handles and doors. Draw the rims.

Step 6
Use a cross-hatching technique to add the grill pattern and the Mustang logo in its middle. Add some shadows at the end.

This tutorial showed you how to draw the Ford Mustang step-by-step. The Ford Mustang, along with other pony cars, is a legendary car and is beloved by all ages. Lee Yakoke, a 39-year-old general manager, and the Ford Thunderbird two-seater of 1954 are responsible for the Mustang’s appearance. Ford Mustang was such an incredibly successful model, that it became a prototype to be copied by many other companies. This car, despite its relatively low price, has always been powerful and impressive. This tutorial is part of drawing tutorials.


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