Welcome, dear artists! to our drawing class on drawing the Ford GT – a mid-engine sports automobile manufactured by the Ford Motor Company.
Step 1
It is now time to draw the general outline that the vehicle. With the help of light and transparent lines, trace parts of the car’s body. Ford GT.
Step 2
In the front, we include headlights and radiator grilles. Make sketches of the back view mirrors as well as wheel arches and wheels.
Step 3
Let’s add the details of our Ford GT. Take care to draw out the headlights, and the hood lines, along with the Ford logo at the top part of the car’s hood.
Step 4
An easy step by which we draw all the sections of the grille for the radiator.
Step 5
Let’s go towards the top of the car and sketch the window lines, the roof, and the rear-view mirrors.
Step 6
Just below the windows, draw details on the sides of the Ford including the handle for the door and an air intake.
Step 7
Drawing rounded lines on the wheel arches and wheels as illustrated in our illustration.
Step 8
In the middle of the wheel, draw circles, and from this circle, draw the spokes that split along the sides.

The drawing lesson on drawing the Ford GT came to an end. You are able to keep the Ford GT like in our example or use shadows similar to those used in the lesson on the Ferrari and Ford Mustang. Make sure to visit other drawing lessons available on our website and follow us for updates via our social networks.

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