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How to Draw a Football

We have for a long time didn’t address the subject of sports, did we? So, today we have decided to make guidelines on drawing the football.


Step 1

Then we begin. Begin by drawing an arc that is horizontal that is smooth and straight. Place this arc high on the paper.




Step 2

Draw the outline of our ball to play American football using the aid of the second identical arcs. Both arcs should create an outline that covers nearly the entire sheet of paper.




Step 3

On the top of the ball draw a symmetrical curving strip. It must be in line with the upper arc which we sketched in the previous step.




Step 4

The shoelaces form an integral component of a classic soccer ball, aren’t they? In this section, we’ll draw eight stripes, which we will transform into shoelaces in the future.




Step 5

We will now create two seams that are laterally positioned in relation to the laces we made at the previous stage. You can draw wavy lines and not specifically straight lines for this step.




Step 6

Remember the two first steps, aren’t you? Then we will repeat them in a smaller size. In this section, we draw two arcs of smooth lines that are in the outline of the ball.




Step 7

This is the standard procedure to review your sketch before going to the final step. Be sure to note any mistakes and then correct them.




Step 8

Let’s go with the classic color of the ball. This is, of course, brown with small flecks of white.




We hope that this was an easy job for you. If you’ve learned to master such an illustration guide, you can tackle more difficult assignments, right? Try drawing another emblem of this stunning nation. This is the case with Captain America.

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