How to Draw a Football Player

Our website has plenty of different sports, isn’t it? We considered it and decided to make an instructional drawing guide on drawing a footballer.


Step 1

We will first draw out the athletic form of our footballer. You can see a large chest and a slim pelvis. The right arm is bent at the elbow, and the left arm hangs freely. The legs are separated by a few inches. The growth rate of an athlete in football is the same as the total length of seven heads.




Step 2


We connect those figures we created in the initial stage to determine the outline of our body. Following that, we draw an oblique cylinder between the chest and the head. We then connect the neck to the shoulders with two Oblique lines. We also connect the pelvis and the chest to create a figure with a slim waist. When you are finished with the stage, we add an interlocking line that split the body of the athlete into four equally sized parts.




Step 3

Let’s draw the extensive lines of arms. The arms of our footballer are like two cylinders on each side, which are joined by three rounded forms.




Step 4

In this process, we do this process with the lower part of the footballer. The idea is to draw the lower and upper parts of the legs as a series of cylinders. Then, depict knee joints as balls.





Step 5

We will continue our drawing instruction for drawing football players. Let’s make the facial look more real. Make a few small angles to indicate the contours of the cheeks and the chin. By using small lines, we can identify the facial features that are fundamental to us.




Step 6

We continue to work on that head of our unstoppable athlete. Sketch the outline of the ear. The upper edges of the ears must be in line with the eyebrows, while the lower part of the ear should align with the tip of your nose. The hairstyle is made up of two rounded forms.

You can design any hairstyle for your football player according to your preference.




Step 7

In this step, we’ll sketch an outline of the T-shirt. It is possible to draw a T-shirt that has a collar, or one with sleeves that are long.





Step 8

The fingers and hands of any character are extremely difficult to draw. In this instance ours, the fingers are all shorter, with the exception of the thumbs. This is due to the fact that our player clenched his hands with fists. Remember your round ball.




Step 9

Let’s draw some details on the lower part and the lower torso of our characters. We sketch the contours of shorts and lines to indicate the position of the laces in the boot.




Step 10

This step was created to use small pieces. If you’ve thought of a unique design to match the form of the soccer ball or ball, now is the best time to implement it. It is possible to add the collar to create the shape of a Polo. You could also add the logos of a company that is associated with sports on the ball or on a uniform.




Step 11

It is always best to keep one step open to allow you to eliminate all lines that are unnecessary and examine the entire picture. Take a look at all the proportions and shapes, and the small aspects. Make any corrections and begin working using the colors.




Step 12

If you’ve drawn a certain footballer from a certain club, you can now make it look the way you wanted. Draw football uniforms emblems, logos, emblems, and numbers. We decided to pick neutral colors.




So if you’re wanting to get practice drawing players from other sports, read our article on drawing basketball players. Don’t forget to check out our website for the latest drawing classes!

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