How to Draw A Foot Step by Step

It is possible to refer to the basic step-by step drawing instructions that follow below.

How To Draw King Kong Step by Step

Step 1

To begin this lesson on drawing feet, we’ll start by drawing the sole of our foot. The heel will be drawn with a simple curve similar to the one shown in the image we used as a reference.

The heel should be curving little to left since it is the left foot seen from the side. Once you’ve drawn the heel, you could add more components to it in the following step.

2. Continue to add legs to this step
Your leg drawing is simple, but crucial! The midfoot will be drawn in this section and it’s helpful to reference the reference image when drawing.

When you trace these lines they will curve out slightly We will then later on in the following steps.

This is all you need to do to accomplish this step!

Step 3. Draw the upper portion of the foot.
We’ll begin adding the upper portion of the foot in this final step of our drawing the feet tutorial.

To draw this line follow the lines that you sketched at the beginning of this step, and then let them bend inwards.

The line drawn on the left side of your foot will be a little more straight and longer than the one on the right. So make sure you adhere to the reference figure when you draw.

Step 4: Start by adding toes to your foot sketch
A complete foot wouldn’t be complete without toes. We’ll be adding them into your foot drawings in the next step.

Beginning with the large toe, it’ll be the bottom of two tiny straight lines. For the round portion, the shape can be drawn in an oval shape that has a tiny gap in the middle of it.

You could draw a small curve from the right-hand side of the big one that will be extended beneath that toe.

The shape that follows is much more streamlined and will include two straight lines, with an oval-shaped the top.

In the final instance, the next toe will also feature an rounded top, however it will be slightly leaning to the left as seen in the image we used as a reference.

Once you’ve drawn the toes, you’ll draw the rest during your next stage.

Step 5: Now you are able to complete the remaining toes, and finalize the details.
In this section of the foot tutorial we will concentrate at the toes that remain as well as the final steps before we move on to the next step.

The next two toes are likely to appear similar to the more curvaceous toe they’ll follow. However, each toe following them will be just a bit smaller than the previous.

That’s it for the toes, and the final design will include small curves beneath the foot like in the images of reference.

You are now ready to proceed to the coloring portion of your sketch!

Before doing that Feel free to add any information of your own you’d like to include. One option is reverse the images in this tutorial, so that you can draw a foot that is a match!

It is also possible to remove certain elements to create it appear as if you’ve left footprints in sand. These are only some suggestions and how many do you have in mind to finish the footwork?

Step 6 – Draw your leg drawing using colors
Once you’ve finished your leg sketch You can add some colour to it!

There are a variety of choices regarding the way you color. You can match your skin tone using color tools to create a appear like your feet to gain an impression.

You could also make an attractive look and employ bright and vivid shades to finish it.

Another option is to draw a tattoo on your foot!

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