How to draw a flying heart

How to draw a flying heart

Step one:

Begin with a simple heart shape. Next, draw an oval-shaped circle in the middle to make the mouth.

Step two:

As you can see, your body will start to form the actual shape and outline for the monster-like heart. The lining is uneven, and full of lumps.

Step three:

Make the shape of a crooked smile.

Step four:

The monstrous, razor-sharp teeth that look like knives are best drawn in. You can also add details around the mouth.

Step five:

Next, draw the limbs of the wings. Then add details to the wings’ style so that they look worn.

Step six:

The sharp, pointed thumb claws at the tips of the wings add definition and style to them.

Step seven:

Finally, draw some holes and then draw a long, disgusting, disgusting tongue. Next, add detail and erase any mistakes.

Step eight:

This is it. You are now ready to color this drawing of a flying hearts.

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