We are awestruck by the subject of the Middle Ages and everything connected to them. We frequently draw lessons around the subject. In the last drawing lesson, we taught you ways to draw an elven knight as well as the role of a plague physician and the Medieval castle. Today, we’re going to show you a mythological creature that is characteristic not just of past times but of the Middle Ages, but also of the modern world of mass culture. Therefore, let’s discover what it takes to draw an eagle flying.

Step 1
The dragon should begin with a skeleton as we have shown below. The first step is to draw our head it is shaped like a regular oval. Following this, we sketch out a long, slightly curving spine line. This line is where we draw out the pelvis and chest. In the final step, we sketch the arms, wings, and legs.

Step 2
We can now make the drawing more elaborate. In the beginning, sketch out the position of the mouth and eye. Then, we draw the neck outline and then gradually move to the body. By using figures that resemble circles and cylinders, we sketch out the legs and arms. Then, at the close of the process, we draw massive wings and move on to the following step.

Step 3
Dragon dummies are complete and we move on to the finer details. The parts should also be constructed using extremely subtle, almost invisible lines. The spikes should be drawn on the neck, head, and back. Draw claws and lines around the wings. Step 4
It’s time to draw those final touches. Use a sharper pencil than your hand, and then draw the outlines of the eyes, the muzzle, and sharp teeth by using dark lines. Then, trace the outline of the head. Finally, eliminate all unnecessary lines from the dragon’s head.

Step 5
It’s an easy and easiest part of the drawing course about drawing flying dragons. With the aid of lines that are clear that we draw spikes around the neck and head. Then draw the neck, and erase all lines that we created in the earlier steps.

Step 6
Let’s go one or two inches further, or perhaps closer to the dragon’s tail. With clear lines and smooth lines, carefully draw the outline of the muscles that make up the arms. It is evident that the dragon has very human arms and so, here we use the drawing principles that are used to draw human arms. Don’t forget to remove the guidelines from the arms.

Step 7
Moving forward, we begin to approach the rear of the dragon flying. Begin by drawing the muscular and powerful legs, drawing all of the essential muscles. Also, note that the legs are quite similar to the legs of humans. At the same time, draw the long tail of the dragon, and eliminate any lines that are unnecessary.

Step 8
Another step that is quite simple in the course on drawing the Flying dragon. We will be involved by drawing wings. Be careful to draw the required lines to make them darker and smoother. Eliminate any unnecessary lines in the sketch then move through the steps.

Step 9
Let’s begin working on shadows. First, we must identify which light sources are responsible to apply shadows on the darkest areas of the body of the dragon. The shadows we’ll need to draw with the aid of dense hatching.

This was another drawing class on dragons. If you’re looking to learn how to draw mythical creatures or other characters, then you should check out our category titled Myths and Legends.

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