How To Draw A Flying Crow

How To Draw A Flying Crow

Step one:

As usual, we’ll draw guidelines and create shapes to begin this first step.

Step two:

With the help of the head guide, sketch the front of the crow’s face that includes the beak, which is wide. Draw the tongue in as well as sketching with the details and definition throughout.

Step three:

Begin to draw the eye, and draw it in solid color like you can see. After that you can draw the form of the crow’s head when it is flying. Start with the neck first and using the same liner, trace the shape of the wings. The feathers should be added to the wings and draw the neck feathers, as well as the design of the crow’s chest.

Step four:

The only thing you need to do is draw the second side that is in a parallel line with the first. Once again, draw the feather layers that begin small and grow to large.

Step five:

After your feet, talons and toes have been drawn in , you can proceed to draw the outline of the eyeball which is held in its grasp. Draw the details to the eyeball too.

Step six:

Here , you’ll draw the splatters that are all around the eye , as the crow lifts and elevating the eyeball from the base it was born from. You should also draw the amount of the substance that it created from.

Step seven:

In the final drawing step, finish the body of the crow and then draw the details to the below substance. Eliminate the mistakes and all of the drawings.

Step eight:

You’re done drawing the flying crow. You can now have fun coloring it.

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