how to draw a fly

The users of sent us an email some time ago to develop a guideline on drawing an insect. The guide is right in front of you. It’s time to scroll down to find out what you can draw quickly and quickly.

Step 1

The first step is to draw the head as of a ball, and then a body made of an oval. The lines in the initial stages should be soft and free.




Step 2

Utilize sharper and darker lines from this point on. Then, using the two ovals in the middle, draw the eyes that are large. Then, draw the front portion on the head of the fly.




Step 3.

Then draw the wings like the artists from have done in the photo below. Each step becomes more like drawing the fly, isn’t it?




Step 4

This is done using long dark lines, we can show how the legs are formed by the fly. Also, you can draw small hairs with short lengths along the legs.




Step 5

Then use an eraser to remove all guidelines of the sketch to create an elegant and clean piece of art.




Step 6

Go to the wings to draw many veins like the artists from in the picture below.




Step 7

Now is the time to draw the fly. The fly can be painted using the colors in the example from above, or you can use another color scheme that you find more pleasing to you.




Could you figure out the art of drawing a fly by following this tutorial? If you like this method and you are interested, attempt to draw other living creatures, for instance, a Cheetah as well as a dinosaur. Additionally, you can join on social media make a note of your experience, and upload your art.

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