We have read your comments and your requests for us to create a drawing instruction on a musical instrument. We have created this lesson that will show how to draw a flute. the steps to draw the flute.

Step 1
Let’s draw a long, thin rectangle. This will form the base and which will be the body for our next flute.

Step 2
In the lower portion, we create an oval hole. Then in the upper section, we draw a mouthpiece for the flute.

Step 3
Make finger holes in the side of the flute that, as you observe, aren’t the same size.

Step 4
In the last stage in which we’ll work on the addition of shadows in order to create a more vivid drawing.

The lesson on drawing an instrument was actually very easy. It appears to us that you will not face any issues drawing. However, if particular difficulties arise, feel happy to write us, and let us know what steps you’ve taken to be confronted the issue.

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