how to draw a flower

Are you in search of an extremely simple guideline for the best way to draw flowers? If so, you’ve found the answer you’ve been looking for! With this simple guide composed of nine basic steps, you’ll learn how to draw a flower simple and fast. We colored all the new lines for each stage with red and created the clearest and most precise explanation of each stage.


Step 1

The first step is to draw an oval that in the near future, will transform into a flower. Try not to make your oval too bright and dark since, in the future, we’ll erase the bulk of this geometrical design.




Step 2

Utilizing two parallel lines illustrate a flower’s stalk. The flowers are drawn roughly identically, despite the fact that at first, they might appear totally different. To be sure take a look at this article and compare it with the instructions for the flower.




Step 3

Let’s get started on making petals. First, draw the petals’ outer edges with simple lines, similar to the drawings of the artists from in the illustration below.




Step 4

Continue to draw the petals. Now we turn to the petals that are inside and draw them in exactly the same manner as the ones we painted in the previous stage.




Step 5

In this stage, we are done drawing the flower’s buds. This time, we’ll be required to draw the inside petals, following the model of the ones we illustrated in the two previous stages.




Step 6

A simple stage is made up of two lines. Draw them at an angle so that you can create the base and top.




Step 7

Create 2 leaves each one of consisting two lines. The lines first diverge towards the middle of the leaf. They then again, join in an angle of acute towards the point on the leaf.




Step 8

Moving on to the process of erasing. Utilizing a rubber, wipe off any lines of the floral design. After that, it is possible to make your design of the flower more precise and appealing by drawing it with ink that is a dark pen or using ink.




Step 9

Paint the flowers to create a stunning and lush look. The stem and leaves must have a green color. The bud can be painted in any color you think is necessary. You can observe that we’ve selected the color purple however, you can paint the bud yellow, red, and even black.




Utilizing this instructional video on drawing the flower, you are able to draw virtually any flower. As we mentioned earlier, regardless of the appearance, these plants share roughly the same structure for drawing.

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